Saturday, 14 September 2013

Updates on my bike and My Hermes parcel delivery suck

Mudgaurds, Spares Kit and Saddle Cover

My mudgaurds arrived and I was a little worried over the quality, after seeing all of the "topline" mudgaurds available and the price!!!  I was a little stuck because my bike has front suspension and disc brakes, trust me this seriously limits your options.

I went onto amazon and fleabay and good old fleabay threw up the following:

ETC Suspension Mudgaurds £12.00 inc postage
When they turned up I was very surprised, lightweight but very sturdy with the added bonus they are quick release.  Very easy to fit,the only adjustment I had to make was to raise my rear pannier higher which may work out better as less likely for mud to fling up, see pics below:

Front Mudgaurd

Rear Mudgaurd

Spares Kit

Perhaps the heaviest item to carry on the bike next to water and my petrol stove (more on that later) is my spares kit.  Being unsuported I have to carry enough spares for the bike and any repairs, tent etc..  this adds up.   I was originally going to carry the spares kit in a lunchbox in one of the rear panniers, but I would rather centralise the weight so I have bought a frame bag pics below:

Centre Frame Bag

It fits all my spares apart from the innertubes which will go into the front panniers.  It also has plenty of space left for any other bits and pieces.  (you may be thinking about where spare water bottles are going to go and fuel bottle but the boys in the engineering department have that one under control).

Seat Cover

Because I intend to camp for the trip, I don't want to wake up and get on a bike with a wet saddle so I have added a waterproof saddle cover to fit overnight.  It's from halfords although I got it on ebay for pennies, pics below:

Seat Cover

And Finally......  My Hermes parcel delivery ...

One of the main pieces of kit I am waiting for are my front panniers, sourced from fleabay.  Unfortunately the seller put the wrong house number on and put next doors number.  Well next door say they haven't had them!!  they then provided me with a tracking number saying they were delivered and signed for??

I have tried all of the other possibilites locally no one has seen the parcel,  and heres where it gets bad, My Hermes won't speak to me, they have ignored the sellers emails (so far) and their chat help is permanently unavailable..  so we can't even find out where the driver dropped them.  Not a good impression of that firm.

Sorted:  Hermes finally replied to the seller, amazingly the signature on the parcel was my next door neighbor (who earlier claimed they hadn't had any parcel that wasn't theirs), they have had the parcel for a week, they knew it was mine and despite a visit from my daughter and then myself denied they had any other parcel.  The absolute irony of this was that I went next door to give them a parcel that had wrongly come to our home...  what goes on in someones head to be that deceitful the name on the parcel was in bold and at the top but they still took delivery knowing they were never going to let me know even when asked...... 

When I showed the signature with their name on it suddenly appeared, strangely enough it had my name on they knew it was for me but claimed I needed to prove who I was lol, showed my driving licence and they handed it over..  I was seconds away from involving the police, had issues with them before I guess they thought they would just make things awkward.. sad sad little minded people.  I have always taken their parcels straight round, but this time they have finally emptied my good will bag, so parcels will now go straight back to sender and I will refuse to sign for any delivery.

I feel sorry for the seller although they made a mistake, my neighbors did all they could to make a bad situation worse...

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